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Display Magazin (March 2012)

General info
Display is the leading gay magazine here in Switzerland. In my opinion, they're focussing a little bit too much on the gay aspect instead of the music, but since it's a gay mag and not some "omg he's gay, let's cause some weird hype about it!" trash tabloid, I personally think they can be forgiven.
On their website and on other pages of the mag which I didn't scan they had some other tiny parts about Adam which aren't on the actual interview pages. I'm gonna translate those first, then post the scans and after that the actual interview.
I couldn't restrain from writing some of my own thoughts/notes in the translation, those are written in italic. Also please note that English isn't my native language and I'm not that good at translating. So I hope there aren't any mistakes and it's not too painful to read the translation. :P

Other Quotes (not on the scans)
"Adam Lambert totally in love - glamour with feelings: the singing paradise bird about his big love" (in a small box on the cover)
"He is also a fighter in his own way: Adam Lambert. After all he was the first openly gay singer who got signed by a US mainstream label. In the interview with DISPLAY on page 12, the glamour-boy shows that he also has serious thoughts about homophobia. And he tells about his big love." (on the overview page about the mag's content)
"US-star Adam Lambert about his new album and his big love" (on their website)
"With his voice and his extravagant appearance Adam Lambert causes a lot of attention. But just as much he likes being home, cuddling with his boyfriend." (on their website)


Interview Translation

The paradise bird has landed
Adam Lambert, that means glitter, glamour,party, mascara and groupies. One thinks. In the interview with DISPLAY, the glam-singer shows a new side: the one of the loyal loving man who's building a nest with his boyfriend.
Adam Lambert is a lot more than a shooting star from a casting show. One knows that at the latest after his nomination for the Grammy Awards and the highly acclaimed performances with the legendary band Queen. Roger Taylor and Brian May would love to engage him as successor of the singing giant Freddie Mercury. But Adam (for now) turned them down even though the performances with them were a lot of fun. First he wants to shine with his second album.
In the conversation with DISPLAY the androgynous singer is on his best behavior. Happy, in love and not pretentious at all.

Hello Adam, congrats to your birthday. Or isn't one allowed anymore to wish you a happy birthday because it's the
ominous 30th one?
Yes, one may congratulate, thank you very much. 30 might be an ominous number, but for me nothing has changed. I didn't even have time to think about it.

How did you celebrate your birthday?
With a show. I'm in Austria and Germany for promo for my album "Trespassing".

It must be hard to work on your birthday.
No, not at all. Singing is what I love doing most after all.

Is at least your boyfriend Sauli Koskinen with you?
No, he's in our shared home in Los Angeles.

Mean! But at least you can comfort yourself with lots of groupies.
Heh, no, not at all. I've arrived in a monogamous relationship that fulfills me. This feels really great. We have a fantastic love life, I'm super happy! When I'm on tour, I can do without infidelity without any difficulty.

Sounds great, congratulatuins. But your love is not THAT perfect either. (note from myself: How dare they assume their love is not perfect, how dare they?!) You both had a rough fight in the gay club DTM in Helsinki just before Christmas.
Of course you address this. The fight was waspishly commented in all blogs. Well, someone who knows nightlife has experienced something like that for sure. One drinks too much, in our case it was vodka, and at some point one gets of unsound mind. A small thing which one doesn't even remember afterwards becomes a huge problem. And then the fight starts... After all we were arrested. On the police station we both got sober really fast and we abruptly realized that everything was a huge stupidity.

Adrogynous look: "Black is glamourous and so it's perfect for me", Adam Lambert says (text to the right of the picture)

So you reconciled?
Yes, thank God. Maybe our love grew even stronger because of that. We celebrated Christmas harmonically. But let's rather talk about music.

Agreed, how would you describe your album?
It reflects my last three years, which were all haywire. I met impressive personalities, experienced turbulent parties, felt confident and grounded. On the other hand there are dark sides which one experiences as gay man. The homophobic hostilities, the bitching we have to hear in the US. There it was a scandal that I kissed a guy at the AMA.In Europe something like that is taken more laid-back. It makes me sad that so many younger and older gays still feel lonely and excluded. And all this just because of the person they love!

After the fight in the gay club: Adam and his boyfriend Sauli appear reconciled and in Christmas mood. (text under the bf xmas hat pic)
Wild Finn: Adam's boyfriend Sauli was the winner of Finnish big brother once. (text under the Sauli pic)
Granted: Adam Lambert has become calmer. On the new album he also appears pensive. (text under the Adam pic)

How do the up and downs of your life impact your songs?
They reflect this ambivalence. Apart from gay-cruising-tunes and fun dance songs I sing pensive, almost dark songs. Also songs which are about fear.

(note from myself: this is the question where I felt a little SHE, but oh well, we've seen worse things lol)
For your album you also worked with the cute singer Bruno Mars. Seriously, how is the gay-factor of Bruno?
Gay-factor? I don't know, I don't think he's gay. But I know that he's a huge talent. It was just great to work with this fantastic musician.

We're totally excited for the result! Are you visiting Switzerland soon?
I don't know yet. This year I'm touring in the US. I have good memories of Switzerland though. We had a great time here and an awesome show in Zürich. Unfortunately, I didn't get to know a lot of your beautiful country. But I know that it's neutral. (note: Switzerland has been politically neutral since like forever, just in case you wonder what kind of neutrality he's talking about.) And this is probably not a bad idea for a small nation.

Now you're flying to LA to your boo. What souvenir are you bringing him?
Myself! Do you think that is enough? *laughs*

Adam Lambert says that his album "Trespassing" is getting finished and will be out in "Maypril".

Techfails (Adam/Sauli)

Summary: Katri and Sauli are trying to make their Skype-Tutkas work. They fail several times, and their biggest fail happens while Adam is there and horny.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone, the story is (most likely) all lies.

TechfailsCollapse )



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